Clocks and Plates

SIGNATURE SIGNS offers a variety of awards, personalized items and home decor. Please feel free to call us at 712-933-2720 if you would like to place an order, or with any questions about our products, and thank you for your interest.

Round Roman Numeral Clock
Price: $85.00

23” Square Roman Numeral Clock
Price: $85.00

Wall Clock
Many styles and sizes available, email or call for details.
Price: $75.00

Price: $100.00

Galvanized Windmill Clock
Price: $75.00

Medium Galvanized Windmill Clock
With numeral numbers stamped in fans.
Price: $60.00

Small Galvanized Windmill Clock
Price: $50.00

Small 16″ Galvanized Windmill Clock
These will also come in the colored form in the large size
Price: $50.00

Barnwood Clock
Price: $50.00

Kensignton 23” Round Clock
Price: $85.00

Glass Plate available in Red and Blue
10 x 10 Price: $40.00
8 x 8 Price: $38.00

Wooden/Hide Insert Plate 11.5″
Price: $45.00

Rope Clock
Price: $50.00

Metal Barbwire Plate/Platter
12″ round: $25.00
14″ round: $30.00
20″ oval: $35.00
24″ oval: $42.00

Grey Plates
Square Price: $25.00
Rectangle Price: $20.00

Cream Plate
Price: $15.00

Stoneware Plate
Price: $18.00