Clocks and Plates

SIGNATURE SIGNS offers a variety of awards, personalized items and home decor. Please feel free to call us at 712-933-2720 if you would like to place an order, or with any questions about our products, and thank you for your interest.

CC Laser Wooden Clock with Rawhide
21.75″ diameter
Price: $65.00

Round Roman Numeral Clock
Price: $85.00

23” Square Roman Numeral Clock
Price: $85.00

Wall Clock
Many styles and sizes available, email or call for details.
Price: $75.00

Galvanized Windmill Clock
Price: $75.00

Medium Galvanized Windmill Clock
With numeral numbers stamped in fans.
Price: $60.00

Small Galvanized Windmill Clock
Price: $50.00

Kensignton 23” Round Clock
Price: $85.00

Barnwood Clock
Price: $50.00
*Closeout* – 1 Left in Stock

Price: $100.00

Rope Clock
Price: $50.00

Grey Plates
Square Price: $25.00
Rectangle Price: $20.00

Glass Plate available in Red and Blue
10 x 10 Price: $40.00
8 x 8 Price: $38.00

Metal Barbwire Plate/Platter
12″ round: $25.00
14″ round: $30.00
20″ oval: $35.00

Wooden/Hide Insert Plate 11.5″
Price: $45.00

Cream Plate
Price: $15.00